My story: Making hairloss more of a gain.

5 thoughts on “My story: Making hairloss more of a gain.”

  1. “It turned out to be an incredibly liberating experience. It helped reveal the truth to me that you can never go back to who you were and how life was. We are only ever moving forward towards better things and holding on to the past and trying to get back what once was is not only impossible, but also harmful to us in the long run.” So helpful! I am an alopecia sufferer. That really hit home for me. Because I’m a girly-girl and love beauty-related stuff, my heart lept when I learned that there was a place that made beautiful customized wigs that look realistic. It’s not for everybody I know, but I have been so happy with my custom wig! It’s long and gorgeous and I feel like me in a way. But not the old me, because that was MY real hair. But it has helped. There is still a lot to mull over in my mind because there is this identity crisis (a tiny one) each night when I take it off. I am taking Rogaine and am going to see if that helps. If it does, maybe some day I can get extensions. But if it never grows back, I feel like I have found a lifelong solution. This youtube video shows the first time I put it on: There is bad tracking in the beginning. 😦 too late to change it. Thank you for sharing your story. I am going to share more in the future.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s great to hear that you have found a way to move forward from what I know is initially a dark place!

      I’m also so thrilled my words helped you. I am always telling people that when they speak from the heart it will always resonate with someone and that is a whole reason for us being here and able to communicate! So thank you again!

      I would encourage you to start spending some time deliberately loving who you are without the wig, even if it doesn’t feel authentic at first. After all, that’s the you that’s around, so you might as well love her!

      Also while you wear the wig and love it, brilliant! After all, love is the energy in which we heal, so you can’t be helping yourself more 🙂

      I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

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