Defining Disability – What sayeth the law and what sayeth I?

3 thoughts on “Defining Disability – What sayeth the law and what sayeth I?”

  1. This is a really important post and I appreciate it. I’m not defined as disabled but I think I have many challenges, like everybody does, that could very easily be someday defined as disabilities if someone decides they are. I have what I’ve secretly termed “spatial dyslexia.” I get lost almost every time I go somewhere and if I’m in a building for the first time I’ll never find my way around. I’ll also turn the opposite way out of a room than I should to get back to where I came from, every time. So my point is, how is this different someone anything else medically defined as a disability? The interesting thing is goes both ways. Because I don’t have any diagnosed “disabilities” I just get the look all the time. Wow, she’s dumb. What is her problem. People are very rude about how easily I get lost, and assume, as you described, that I am not smart in other ways, when actually I’m extremely creative and intelligent and run my own business. I have to constantly make jokes about it but going somewhere is very overwhelming for me. Thanks for checking out my blog, for following and for writing this post.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment marisaporter. It is so important that people realise whether we are defined as having disabilities or not, we all have our challenges to face. If we can just go through life without passing judgement on individuals, but instead share love and compassion we can avoid making people feel badly about themselves. You are so right, who is to say that your issue couldn’t actually be defined as a disability one day, and you most certainly aren’t an idiot. People need to be educated and compassionate. If we can show them the way and lead by example, we all get one step closer.

      I think you do an incredible job sharing tips and feel good posts for people with alopeacia and in general. With love ❤ 🙂

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