Cure yourself with Cinnamon and Honey

32 thoughts on “Cure yourself with Cinnamon and Honey”

    1. Hi here, thanks for your comment 🙂

      As per the article and the research, personally i would take two tablespoons of cinnamon and one teaspoon of honey in warm water like a tea every morning until its gone.

      Of course, that’s not medical advice, just what I would do!

      In the past I have used the product from the link below with massive success. I have no affiliation with them and can’t recommend it enough for both prevention and cure.

      Hope that helps!

  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful information. I have tried it for almost a week now and I found it very effective. Before, I suffer from stomach upset almost everyday so I have to take proton pump inhibitor (Omeprazole/Esomeprazole). Now, I don’t take them I only drink boiled cinnamon and honey in the morning and in the evening. Really, the result is wonderful. Thank you 🙂

    1. Rizalina, that’s superb! It’s so wonderful that you tried and within a short time are off medication! Well done you for having the guys to try it, the open mind to consider and the success!

      It’s great that you have posted your success for other people to see as well so maybe you can be an inspiration for them!

      Now you have your issue resolved physically why not see if there is a BEST practitioner near you who can help you discover the underlying reason why your body ended up in a place where it wasn’t digesting etc. You can check for practitioners near you through the Morter website here

      Thank you and long may your success continue!

      Everyone please remember, any changes in medication or diet are best discussed with your chosen health practitioner in advance.

  2. Can I chew cinnamon along with honey? Also the variety of cinnamon that I get in India is quite spicy and makes me take a gulp of water too! Would that decrease the effects?

    1. Hi there, from the research I’ve done I would recommend using the powder. An alternative that might work is putting a cinnamon stick into the hot water with the honey to impart some of the healing properties. To get the most benefit I would definitely find the powder if you can. There is a website I mention where you buy the powder.

      Sorry it can’t be more simple for you!

      Thanks for commenting 😃

  3. It is a wonderful information. but I have a question. I encountered profound hearing loss 6 years ago.And now my life is complicated. fortunately, I read in your article that a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder taken regularly day and night can restore hearing loss. my question is is the mixture capable of curing my profound hearing loss?
    thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi Hafiz, thanks for commenting!

      First I would say, try it! It’s honey and cinnamon, it’s not going to harm you ( remember to take any precautions my blog tell you though). You have nothing to list and only health benefits to gain, whether it’s return in hearing or other great things!

      I would also say to you it is likely to be very dependant on exactly how your hearing loss occurred. If there is physical damage to the ear honey and cinnamon may not do the full trick for you.

      Plus there are many factors that mean we end up with problems like hearing loss and although a great place to start would be somewhere, nowhere better than honey and cinnamon, there are other things that could be explored.

      Again, depending on your personal circumstance it is likely that there was an emotional aspect to the hearing loss or the events that resulted in it. Therapies like BEST, which I practice, you can find more information in this blog, can determine where subconscious and energetic
      Interference is stored and eliminate it. The overall result is a body that goes back to healing, emotionally feeling great and better things happening in your life. Of course other therapies may well benefit you also!

      If you want any more information or would like to tell me about your circumstances a little more in private, feel free to get in touch at

      Overall, like I said, you have nothing to
      Lose by trying the tasty honey and cinnamon remedies!

      Have a great day!

      1. Hi,

        My 6 months old baby has mild-moderate sensorineural hearing loss. Do you know if this method is followed, her hearing loss will get cured? If yes from what age should I start giving the baby honey + cinnamon powder?


      2. Hi James, thank you so much for commenting. What exactly does sensorineural loss mean? Are the nerves not functioning?

        As my disclaimer says, this stuff is my opinion and research, I’m not a doctor and in my opinion I don’t see why you couldn’t try your baby with the honey and cinnamon mix. It may well take some perseverance as I didn’t come across potential timescales for healing in cases like this.

        Along with trying the honey and cinnamon I would also suggest only talking about your bubbas hearing as if it were healed now or indeed healing. So as long as you are comfortable speak words like

        Names hearing is healing perfectly


        Names hearing is perfect.


        Names nerves are the picture of health

        You get the picture…..?

        Affirmations like that are very strong.

        Also, I asked exactly what sensorineural was as a lot of ear based and hearing difficulties I have come across in children have been made worse or created by the consumption of dairy products. I cannot tell if this is the case for your little one but there is certainly no down side to eliminating it from the diet.

        I hope that helps and all the best. You are appreciated! Be well x

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